Feeling stressed or curious about a different kind of treat? ShroomsCanada chocolate blends ancient rituals with modern treats. Our guide takes you from the history to making your own cosmic confections safely at home. 

Get ready for an enlightening trip! 

The History of Magic Mushroom Chocolate 

Ancient societies have used magic mushrooms for their psychoactive properties, with the modern creation of magic mushroom chocolate offering a more palatable and convenient way to consume them. 

Ancient use of magic mushrooms 

Long ago, people found special mushrooms that could make their minds travel to far-off places. These magic mushrooms had something called psilocybin in them. Many cultures thought these mushrooms were sacred plants. 

Shamans used them in ceremonies for healing and talking to spirits. They said the mushrooms helped them see things they couldn’t normally see or go into a trance. 

In some parts of the world, like Mexico, these magic mushrooms were very important. People there called them “flesh of the gods” because they thought eating them was a way to connect with powerful forces. 

The use of these psychedelic fungi is part of ethnobotany – how folks use plants in their culture. Even today, some still look at these ancient practices for understanding how mind-expanding substances can be good for us. 

Modern creation of magic mushroom chocolate 

Magic mushroom chocolate has seen a modern rise with the fusion of cocoa and psychedelic mushrooms. DIY enthusiasts have been experimenting with adaptogenic mushroom blends to create flavored psychedelic chocolate bars, tapping into the grey market for legal psychedelic products. 

This unique concoction combines the allure of traditional cocoa treats with the mind-expanding properties of psilocybin, offering a new way to consume entheogens in an edible form. 

As interest grows in legal psychedelics, these MAOI chocolate bars provide an alternative route for those seeking altered states through Ayahuasca or other mind expanding substances while also catering to individuals curious about the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelic edibles. 

The Psychedelic Experience of Magic Mushroom Chocolate 

Experience the effects of magic mushroom chocolate on the brain and body, explore its potential therapeutic benefits as well as the risks and precautions to consider before indulging in this unique edible experience. 

Effects on the brain and body 

Magic mushroom chocolate affects the brain by interacting with serotonin receptors, leading to changes in mood, perception, and cognition. The active compound psilocybin stimulates these receptors, causing alterations in neural activity that can result in hallucinations and profound shifts in consciousness. 

In the body, magic mushroom chocolate can lead to increased heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. These physiological effects accompany the psychedelic experience and contribute to the overall impact on an individual’s mind and body. 

It’s important for individuals consuming magic mushroom chocolate to be aware of these potential effects and approach its use with caution. 

Potential therapeutic benefits 

Magic mushroom chocolate has gained attention for its potential therapeutic benefits. Studies suggest that psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, may have antidepressant and anxiolytic effects. 

Some research also indicates that it could help with substance dependency and PTSD. Additionally, psilocybin may enhance creativity and spirituality, leading to an improved sense of well-being. 

However, it’s important to note that these findings are preliminary, and more robust clinical trials are needed before definitive conclusions can be drawn. 

Risks and precautions 

When consuming psilocybin chocolate bars or other magic mushroom products, it is crucial to start with a low dose. Be mindful of potential adverse reactions and the intensity of the psychedelic experience. 

Pay attention to your surroundings and have a trusted individual nearby for support. It’s important to refrain from driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence of psilocybin sweets. 

Additionally, be cautious about sourcing these products from unregulated sources, such as DIY psychedelic chocolate-making kits or grey market psilocybin products. Always prioritize safety and consider consulting with a healthcare professional before embarking on your journey through cocoa and cosmos. 


In conclusion, the journey through magic mushroom chocolate has revealed a fascinating blend of ancient tradition and modern innovation. The potent combination of cocoa and psychedelic mushrooms opens a world of flavors and experiences for adventurous souls. 

Understanding the history, effects, and potential benefits gives valuable insights into this unique edible. As more people explore the possibilities, it’s important to approach magic mushroom chocolate with knowledge and respect for its power. 


Many people are curious about the mysterious world of psychedelic mushrooms. Daddy Long Leg shrooms, a type of psilocybin mushroom, are known for their unique effects on the mind and body. 

This article will dive into what these spindly fungi can do, from altering perception to impacting mental health. Discover the mystical journey that awaits. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Daddy Long Leg shrooms, a type of psilocybin mushroom, significantly alter perceptions and thought patterns when consumed, leading to experiences that can range from heightened senses to visual and auditory hallucinations Stamet Stack Benefits
  •  The effects on the mind include increased creativity and introspection, while physical changes may result in relaxation with the potential for feeling more connected to one’s surroundings. 
  •  While some users experience euphoria and profound insights, others may face side effects like nausea and anxiety; thus, caution is advised regarding dosage and setting for consumption. 
  •  Research suggests promising results for using Daddy Long Leg shrooms in treating mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD through guided psilocybin therapy sessions. 
  •  The therapeutic potential of these mushrooms continues to grow, with ongoing studies highlighting their ability to induce meaningful psychological experiences and break negative thought cycles. 

Effects of Daddy Long Leg Shrooms on the Mind 

Daddy Long Leg shrooms can lead to increased perception, altered thought patterns, and enhanced creativity and introspection. These effects can contribute to a unique and transformative experience for the mind. 

Increased perception and hallucinations 

Consuming Daddy Long Leg Shrooms intensifies the senses, often raising awareness of colours, sounds, and textures. Individuals may report that their environment seems more vivid and alive as psilocybin activates parts of the brain that alter sensory perception. 

These magic mushrooms can also cause visual or auditory hallucinations where users see geometric patterns, experience time distortion, or hear sounds with greater clarity and sometimes in a different manner than usual. 

Hallucinogenic experiences vary significantly among users; some describe them as enlightening, while others find them overwhelming. A common occurrence is manifesting images or entities not present in reality, potentially stirring emotions from euphoria to discomfort. 

The journey through altered consciousness goes beyond mere visuals—thoughts become fluid and can lead to profound introspection. This transition sets the stage for exploring altered thought patterns in our discussion on mind effects. 

Altered thought patterns 

Psilocybin mushrooms, such as Daddy Long Leg Shrooms, can disrupt typical thought patterns. Users may experience a shift in cognitive processes, leading to unconventional and profound insights. 

These altered thoughts can result in increased introspection and a different perception of the world around them. 

Consumption of psilocybin mushrooms leads to mind-altering effects that may include disrupted thought patterns. Such alterations can provide individuals with unique perspectives on their surroundings and themselves while under the influence. 

Enhanced creativity and introspection 

Shifting from altered thought patterns, exploring the effects of Daddy Long Leg Shrooms on the mind highlights enhanced creativity and introspection. Users often report a heightened sense of creative flow while under the influence, leading to artistic expression and novel problem-solving abilities. 

Furthermore, introspection is amplified, allowing individuals to gain profound insights into their emotions and thoughts. 

Engaging in immersive creative activities becomes more fulfilling when influenced by Daddy Long Leg Shrooms. Introspection also enables users to deepen their understanding of themselves and their place in the world. 

Effects of Daddy Long Leg Shrooms on the Body 

Daddy Long Leg shrooms can cause changes in sensory perception and physical sensations, leading to relaxation. It’s important to note possible side effects and precautions when consuming these mushrooms, as well as explore their therapeutic potential for mental health treatment. 

Changes in sensory perception 

Daddy Long Leg shrooms can cause alterations in sensory perception. Users may experience heightened sensitivity to sound, touch, and visual stimuli. These changes can result in an enhanced appreciation of music and art and an increased connection to the surrounding environment. 

The mushrooms have been reported to induce synesthesia, where individuals may “see” sounds or “taste” colours. 

The consumption of Daddy Long Leg shrooms might lead to shifts in sensory perception. This could manifest as intensified colours and patterns, altered depth perception and a distorted sense of time. 

Physical sensations and relaxation 

Users of Daddy Long Leg shrooms report heightened sensory experiences, such as intensified colours and patterns, as well as enhanced tactile sensations. The body may feel calm and relaxed, with lightness or heaviness in the limbs. 

These mushrooms can lead to tranquillity and peacefulness, often accompanied by feeling connected to nature or the surrounding environment. 

Furthermore, individuals may experience decreased muscle tension and overall physical stress. The relaxation these mushrooms induce is often described as gentle and soothing, contributing to a general sense of well-being and well-being. 

Possible side effects and precautions 

Daddy Long Leg shrooms may have side effects and require certain precautions when consumed. Users should be aware of the potential risks associated with consuming these mushrooms, including nausea, increased heart rate, and heightened anxiety. Starting with a low dose is essential to gauge individual tolerance levels. Additionally, mixing these mushrooms with alcohol or other substances can amplify their effects and lead to adverse reactions. Consuming hallucinogenic mushrooms in an unsuitable setting or mindset may result in overwhelming experiences that could potentially lead to psychological distress. Users should also be mindful of any underlying medical conditions or medications that may interact negatively with the effects of Daddy Long Leg shrooms. 

Therapeutic potential for mental health treatment 

Psilocybin therapy is increasingly being researched for its potential therapeutic applications in mental health treatment. Studies have shown that psilocybin, the active ingredient in Daddy Long Leg shrooms, has demonstrated promising results in treating various mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. 

This compound has been found to facilitate introspective experiences and promote emotional breakthroughs, offering a new avenue for addressing these challenging conditions. 

Psilocybin therapy involves guided sessions where individuals consume controlled doses of psilocybin under supervision. The psychoactive effects can lead to heightened self-awareness and profound insights into one’s thoughts and emotions. 


In conclusion, exploring the effects of Daddy Long Leg shrooms on the mind and body reveals intriguing insights into altered perception, enhanced creativity, and sensory changes. The potential for therapeutic applications in mental health treatment is increasingly evident through research on these indigenous mushrooms. 

Understanding their impact on the mind and body can open new perspectives on mental wellbeing. Further exploration of these spindly mushrooms may lead to significant advancements in psilocybin therapy. 



Living a balanced life can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, particularly when struggling with mental health issues. Recent findings show that microdosing psychedelics, such as magic mushrooms Third Eye Microdose, could offer some relief. 

In this blog post, we’ll follow the journey of one mushroom enthusiast who has turned to microdosing to navigate life’s rough waters. Ready to dive in? 

Understanding Microdosing 

Microdosing involves taking small doses of psychedelic substances to experience subtle improvements in mood and overall health being. 

Benefits and challenges 

Microdosing magic mushrooms presents both opportunities and obstacles for the user. On one hand, regular tiny doses can lead to subtle improvements in overall mood, cognitive enhancement, and increased self-love. 

It activates a process of self-exploration and consciousness expansion that cultivates personal growth. However, it’s essential to consider the challenges as well. These may include negative thoughts or acute effects that come with using psychedelic substances, especially without proper guidance. 

Some people might also experience difficulties adjusting their routines around the microdosing schedule or face societal stigma associated with using such substances for mental health struggles. 

Types of psychedelics used for microdosing 

Microdosing involves taking tiny doses of psychedelic substances to achieve subtle improvements in mood and overall healthy being. While magic mushrooms are the most commonly used psychedelics for microdosing, there are other options available as well. 

Some users opt for LSD or mescaline, which can also provide cognitive enhancement and promote self-exploration. The choice of psychedelic depends on personal preference and availability. 

It’s important to note that microdosing is still a relatively new practice, and more research is needed to understand its therapeutic potential fully. 

Research on microdosing 

Research on microdosing, particularly with psychedelics like magic mushrooms, is still in its early stages but showing promising results. A study conducted by a research psychologist in the UK found that tiny doses of psychedelic substances can lead to subtle improvements in mood and overall healthy well-being. 

Many individuals who struggle with mental health issues, such as negative thoughts and mood disorders, have reported experiencing acute effects from microdosing that have positively impacted their general health and well-being. 

While more research is needed to fully understand the therapeutic potential of microdosing as an alternative medicine, it holds promise for personal transformation and self-exploration through cognitive enhancement and consciousness expansion. 

Navigating Life with Microdosing 

This section will explore personal experiences and outcomes of microdosing, along with recommendations for navigating the practice and future considerations. 

Personal experiences and outcomes 

Magic mushroom users have reported various personal experiences and outcomes when microdosing. Many individuals have found that their mental health improves, with a reduction in negative thoughts and an overall boost in well-being. 

Research psychologists from Canada and the UK have also observed these positive effects, noting subtle mood and general health improvements. By taking tiny doses of magic mushrooms, users can cultivate self-love and experience cognitive enhancements. 

This sub-perceptual experience allows for self-exploration and consciousness expansion, leading to potential therapeutic benefits. Magic mushrooms are becoming an alternative medicine for those seeking personal transformation through microdosing. 

Recommendations and precautions 

To ensure a safe and positive experience with microdosing magic mushrooms, there are a few key recommendations and precautions to keep in mind. Firstly, starting with low doses and gradually increasing if needed is essential. 

This allows you to assess your body’s response and determine the optimal dosage for your needs. Additionally, always source your mushrooms from a trusted and reputable supplier to ensure their quality. 

Furthermore, creating a supportive environment is crucial when microdosing. Find a peaceful setting where you feel comfortable and can fully immerse yourself in the experience. It is also recommended to have a sober sitter present who can assist you if needed or provide emotional support during the journey. 

Lastly, practicing self-care is essential before, during, and after microdosing. Prioritize sleep, eat nutritious meals, stay hydrated, and engage in activities that promote overall well-being. 

These simple steps will help maximize the potential benefits of microdosing magic mushrooms while minimizing any risks or adverse effects. 

Future considerations and possibilities 

Researchers and enthusiasts are excited about the future considerations and possibilities of microdosing with magic mushrooms. Ongoing studies are exploring the potential therapeutic benefits of these substances for mental health struggles, including negative thoughts and mood disorders. 

As more research psychologists delve into this field, they aim to understand better the acute effects and long-term impacts of microdosing on general health and overall well-being. With further investigation, microdosing could become a recognized alternative medicine for personal transformation, cognitive enhancement, self-exploration, and consciousness expansion. 

Ultimately, the future holds exciting potential for individuals looking to cultivate self-love and well-being through sub-perceptual doses of psychedelic substances like magic mushrooms. 


Navigating life with microdosing holds immense potential for personal transformation and well-being. By harnessing the therapeutic benefits of magic mushrooms and other psychedelic substances, individuals can experience subtle improvements in mood and cognitive enhancement. 

Through self-exploration and consciousness expansion, navigating life with microdosing offers an alternative medicine approach for those seeking positive mental health outcomes and a journey toward self-love. 



Magic mushrooms, long associated with spiritual journeys and recreational highs, are now undergoing a renaissance in modern medicine. The active compound, psilocybin, is showing promise as a therapeutic agent Amazing Shrooms Psilocybin Pills. Let’s explore how these fungi reshape our understanding of treatment for various conditions. 

Reviving Historical Practices 

Before their criminalization, many indigenous cultures revered magic mushrooms for their potent healing and spiritual properties. Shamans and healers used them in ritualistic ceremonies to treat ailments, connect with the spiritual realm, or facilitate personal growth. Today, modern science is rediscovering and validating these ancient practices. 

Treating Mental Health Conditions 

Recent studies have indicated the potential of psilocybin to treat a range of mental health conditions: 

Depression: Some researchers believe psilocybin could ‘reset’ the activity of critical brain circuits that play a role in depression. Patients report long-lasting relief from depressive symptoms after only a few sessions. 

PTSD and Trauma: Psilocybin-assisted therapy seems to help patients confront traumatic memories and process them in a safe and controlled environment, potentially offering an alternative to traditional treatments. 

Addiction: Preliminary results indicate that magic mushrooms may help break the cycle of addiction, particularly with substances like nicotine and alcohol. 

Expanding Consciousness and Enhancing Creativity 

Aside from the more clinical applications, there’s a growing interest in the potential of magic mushrooms to foster creativity and expand one’s consciousness. Artists, writers, and musicians have reported profound insights and bursts of creativity following controlled and responsible psilocybin use. 

Safety and Controlled Environments 

While the therapeutic potential of magic mushrooms is evident, it’s crucial to understand the importance of dosage, setting, and guidance. In medical studies, participants are given psilocybin under the supervision of trained therapists in controlled environments. This ensures a safe experience and maximizes therapeutic benefits. 


The world of psychedelics is evolving, and magic mushrooms are at the forefront of this transformation. As we continue to understand their potential better, it’s vital to approach them with respect, understanding their power and the profound impact they can have on the human psyche. With more research and an open mind, the future looks promising for the therapeutic use of these ancient fungi in modern medicine. 



Substance use 

Magic mushrooms have several modes of consumption. It can be eaten raw or cooked, swallowed through capsules, sniffed through the nose, and even mixed as a powder in liquids such as tea. Its effects are, however, adverse and are not long-term.  

Study since its discovery has yet to show any long-term effect. Its short-term results, however, include; heightened emotions and experiences of emotional clarity, hallucinations by mixing, distorting and altering their sense and time, mood changes, and many others, which can quickly be withdrawn from since the individual can become tolerant to the substance in the drug. 

Therapeutic use 

Despite its practical nature, there has yet to be any legal approval of this drug elsewhere. Most clinical tests have shown promising results, but the research looks into its side effects, like fighting anxiety, depression, and other adverse side effects. This illustrates that the products’ safety, quality, and efficiency have yet to be legalized by Health Canada.  

Accessing unauthorized drugs, like in our case, the psychoactive substance Psilocybin, might sound helpful to patients suffering from mental disorders or those suffering from PTSD. These may be administered to the patients through regulated health care people legally through; 

  1. Special access programs  
  2. Clinical trials  
  3. Micro-dosing.  

Clinical trials showed research that gave clear evidence and the need to understand both the health benefits and harmful effects of drug consumption. These trials protected the patients by providing clear time frames per the proper treatment. Canada’s health database, therefore, gave lists of patients administered Psilocybin. 

Hence they must be approved to ensure the patient’s health and safety to be rendered protection. These trials presented evidence showing the safety and efficiency of this treatment option to their patients. 

In special access programs, it was learned that using this psychoactive substance when used with psychotherapy brought promising results. Its therapeutic nature was used to help people with depression and alcohol and nicotine addictions.  


Micro-dosing, which is an individual subsection, on the other hand, allows one or a group of people to acquire this substance for either a scientific or medical purpose or that is not of public interest. It would require a letter of support from medical practitioners through legal routes. 

Individuals with a small dosage of this substance were able to treat headaches. This can, however, be harmful since one cannot manage its effects. 

As a result, a magic mushroom is safe for use. 


How to micro dose magic mushroom safely?

Meta Description: A small dose amount is all you need. The dosage should be between o.5 to 0.25 grams. Breaks are also important. You should take rest days in between doses. 

 A shroom is a mushroom which possesses hallucinogenic properties. They are either wild or cultivated, and contain psilocybin (a schedule I drug). It has strong side effects when abused. Shrooms are usually prepared by drying. They can be eaten, mixed into drinks or food. They are also known as “magic mushrooms. 

Microdosing entails taking small doses of psychoactive drugs. It involves ingesting measured doses of this sub- hallucinogenic substance. Shrooms can also be mixed with tobacco, and smoked. Their appearance is like that of a dried ordinary mushroom. They have long stems which are slender and whitish. Their caps are dark brown and gray with white or light brown in the centre. Psilocybin has a high potential of misuse; and therefore should be monitored closely. 

 Since they are hallucinogenic drugs, magic mushrooms can cause you to have experiences that are not real. You start to see and hear things. This is why these doses require close supervision and support. Overdosing can cause side effects. Some of these side effects include: hallucinations, dilated pupils, yawning, drowsiness, nervousness, and panic. There are certain protocols that need to be followed while taking these doses. Even though it faces many restrictions, psilocybin has in the years grown in popularity. 

Microdosing isn’t experientially intense. The act doesn’t have negative health effects in anyone: none has been reported so far. While taking these doses, you should consider the rest days in between. This is important to prevent tolerance from building up (Considering the notion where there is rapid sensitivity loss of receptors through which psychedelics works) 

The dose is usually in chocolate form, tea or capsule. The average gram of micro dosing this drug ranges from 0.05 to 0.025 grams. Magic mushrooms have been put into practices for centauries for medicinal and spiritual uses among the indigenous occupants of Europe and America. Psilocybin consumption in micro-amounts also helps to reduce depression and lift the spirit. It however doesn’t work well with depressants, and unless recommended by the doctor, it should not act as their replacement either. 

Sadly, microdosing is not legal in most places. Only a few cities embrace it. It is considered unlawful which makes it illegal in most places. We cannot however ignore the facts that it carries along its own benefits. This is because it helps set the mind straight when used in the right amount. In many parts of the world, the act is fast catching up as many people are now embracing it. A slight overdose mistake can however have effects on the user. This is the main reason why it should strictly be taken within the recommended dose. 

Shrooms have multiple benefits from physical health to mental health. It doesn’t make individuals escape their reality; instead it helps individuals in accepting and embracing it. All you need is close monitoring and support. 

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Micro dosing Magic Mushrooms is Beneficial for Mental Health

An article dated 5th January  2021 is dedicated to the accomplishment and further research on microdoses in Australia. The study is meant to find out whether there are changes in novelty perception and pattern recognition after micro-dosing. 

When a research leadership includes world-renown men of different areas of expertise such as mushroom powders and capsules; from doctors to military personnel, as its members, you are left with reasons to embrace their findings, the availability, and effectiveness of the subject.  

The named research is backed up by an article dated January 20th, 2021 with the author referring to the result of the research, that novelty perception and pattern recognition are its basis. The procedure involves using participants with a prepared placebo and a microdose which is genuine.  

The participants would then be given or rather take from the shuffled envelopes which are marked with codes, the QR, and therefore they would be blindly consuming either a normal dose or micro-dosing the magic mushrooms. Based on these, the benefits of micro-dosing magic mushrooms would therefore include the following; 

¤ Productivity 

Both magic mushrooms and LSD‘s are worth making one productive. Productivity is itself a very significant key to any rising economy and if, as according to a 2019 paper, micro-dosing magic mushrooms can increase in percentage your mood by 26.6% and the focus by 14.8%, you would embrace the use of magic mushrooms for the better of you and the people you care about. 

¤ Creativity 

Everyone loves creativity and the final result of micro-dosing magic mushrooms after magnetoencephalography has been conducted is creativity. Creativity is a broad word and it in its connection with actions and mental health mean added advantage to the user. 

¤ Better Mental health 

Micro dosing magic mushrooms leads to one having better mental health. This again is the result of various researches conducted on various elements. The study and research of micro-dosing magic mushrooms are the number one to employ magnetoencephalography, not forgetting the use of LSD! The results therefore on mental health are guaranteed and highly reliable. 

¤ Energy 

Everyone is a lover of strength! No one would love a feeble body! Micro dosing Magic gives the user no negative attitudes but better, left the user elevated. That is strength. One of the best energy micro dosing strains of mushrooms can be found at

¤ Insight 

Finally and not least, micro-dosing magic mushrooms give the user insight and he is quite a sub-perceptual to feel lifted. 

Having caught the attention of scholars and the world’s renowned minds and intellects, puzzles of whether the standard use of the magic mushrooms is by itself fascinating and mental boosting too, you wouldn’t need to know the benefits before consumption. The microdose involves consuming a tenth of the known normal dose, which would mean at least 10 micrograms of LSD or the user would employ our mushrooms, and that would 0.2 to 0.5 grams of the magic mushrooms. 

Being not just a recent activity or procedure, but again streaming from decades ago, yet capturing the attention of scholars, the micro-dosing magic mushroom would be beneficial to your mental health.