Pros and cons of both vamping and smoking

Vaping inhales vapor created by electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarette or vaping devices, while smoking inhales and exhale fumes from burnt plant material. Different individuals have their tastes in these two modes of consuming cannabis. This article focuses on vaping vs. smoking THC.

Advantages of vaping

Has a more pronounced taste. Research on vaping vs. smoking THC has shown that vaping naturally produces a more pronounced taste than smoking. In vaping, you will taste individual cannabinoid profiles in every strain more clearly, whereas smoking destroys the taste

Control over the temperature. Cannabis vaporizers have adjustable heat settings that control temperatures throughout your period. Temperatures used for vaping weed vary but produces effects such as intense euphoric experience. 

It is safer. The vaping vs. smoking THC research has shown that vaping is safe for your health since it does not require open flames. If you care about your health and love the dry herb, use vaping other than smoking.

Disadvantages of vaping 

Vaping needs a grinder. Almost all vaporizers do not function accurately without a fine grind. Therefore, you need a good grinder, particularly if you use a portable vape that runs through conduction heating.

It must be plugged in. There is no need for a lighter in vaping, but your device should be charged or close to a socket, even though a fully charged vape may provide numerous sessions before it requires a recharge.  

 Learning curve: vaping cannabis provides an important learning curve, unlike smoking it. It requires a lot of experience to learn how vaping of weed is done properly, getting the correct grind, and learning how to adjust the grid 

Advantages of smoking 

Smoking produces strong effects. Smoking herbs creates strong euphoric effects more quickly. Extreme temperatures release all cannabinoids accountable for these seductive effects, for example, THC.

No investment is required. Research on vaping vs. smoking THC  has shown that smoking does not require many investments upfront lest you are purchasing a large fancy glass. It is cheaper to buy rolling papers, which prevents smokers from depending on vaping.

Smoking is more like a ritual. The rolling, packing and smoking processes may sometimes become ritualistic, and therefore, it can be difficult for smokers to stop this routine.

Disadvantages of smoking

Increased risk. Weed Smart Canada has associated risks brought about by combustion. It is an avoidable consequence of smoking.

Has less control. You cannot control the effects of smoking cannabis, such as finding a strain with less THC. Though, research done on vaping versus smoking THC has shown that vaping gives more control over this overall experience.

Smoking has a stronger odor. When someone smokes, the odor can be detected further away, and it takes a longer period than vapor.

Vaping and smoking have pros and cons; therefore, cannabis users should only stop misusing them because of their effects on the health of the user