What are the various uses and effects of CBD for dogs?

Cannabidiol, which is abbreviated as CBD, is a very special component obtained from plants like hemp and cannabis. Many people have embraced it for their pets. CBD is mainly known to cause some potential benefits to dogs and among the uses of CBD for dogs is especially concerning brain activities.

The various uses of CBD

CBD products are known to help with many pet health conditions. One of the uses of CBD for dogs is as a pain reliever. It has not yet been made clear how CBD does this but it is believed that the nerve sensations causing pain are tampered with. In dogs, CBD also reduces anxiety. Animals just like humans can also be anxious making them behave abnormally. Any nervous feeling is gotten rid of by stimulating the hormone that causes relaxation. In dogs that have epilepsy, CBD is known to highly reduce the occurrence of seizures. It is advisable to always follow the dosage given by the veterinarian for it to work .Finally, CBD is known to support the nervous system. To know whether or not the product is helpful to your dog, observe how it behaves after taking it. Dogs react differently to the CBD making it important to understand your dog.

Effects of CBD on dogs

As much as these are many uses of CBD for dogs, some side effects may be observed. If dosed appropriately, the dog cannot get high. However, an overdose is likely to cause urinary incontinence among other things. The dog can also become dizzy hence having problems in standing up or even having general body weakness. Dryness of the mouth is common. This sometimes causes the dog pain while swallowing or bad breath. It is advisable to reduce a dosage if there are some signs of itchiness after administering CBD to your dog and if it becomes persistent, then stop using it. Lowered blood pressure is another side effect of CBD as well as drowsiness in dogs. The production of saliva can also be altered by CBD which can increase thirst. Some of these problems can be attributed to the fact that these products have not received any approval and expansive research has not been done on them.

Alternatives to CBD for dogs

Aside from the uses of CBD for dogs there are some alternatives. In the absence of CBD, the dog can have basil and rosemary. These two are known to serve the same purpose as CBD as they also contain anti – inflammatory properties. Another alternative is omega-3. Apart from giving the animal very healthy skin, it can also manage inflammation and cancer in some cases.


Despite some unclear information about CBD products, it is advisable to try them out. The benefits are many as compared to the disadvantages.

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