Disadvantages of Custom Men’s Boots

Wearing this kind of shoes is really a great honour. Most people are highly esteemed to have them. It is, however, not many people are able to purchase them. They are able to afford the other shoes sold from boutiques which they find to be many pockets friendly to them. This is because the leather boots are relatively more expensive compared to the others. Depending on where people stay, the other type of shoes could be more appropriate. In this case, custom-made men’s shoes have a number of disadvantages including the following:

They are expensive to buy

The people who buy the shoes are either working or originate from an affluent family. This is because people purchase shoes for a particular outfit. This includes people in offices, police officers, athletes, and even footballers. These are people who earn an identifiable amount of money hence they find them more affordable. The other slot not working can hardly acquire the shoes.

The shoes cannot be worn during rainy season

This is because leather reacts with water and gets wasted. Those people wearing the Dayton work boots for men are only supposed to put them on during other seasons. This also means that people living in swampy areas or watery environments cannot purchase them. This makes them specific to some people unlike the other type of shoes that are worn in all seasons. Although leather is, so durable, it gets worn out very easily when it reacts with water. This suggests that leather is not durable under all conditions. Water makes it to shrivel. In also situations where leather is to be imported, the expense could be very high hence increasing the buying prices of the shoes.

Making the shoes could take a long time

The whole process for making the shoes is long and tiresome. Time is taken from taking the measurements of the customer’s size of a foot, assembling and cutting the leather parts to burnish the shoes is long. Also, where leather designs are to be imported, the whole process could be time-consuming. This becomes a real turn down for the boot users.

The boots are heavy

Most of these leather shoes have a heavy sole which makes them is unsuitable to trek long distances or to walk through hilly places. This also makes them inappropriate to be worn by children, who are prone to getting tires easily.

As far as people are advocating for custom shoes, they should consider other factors apart from an outfit. These are shoes that cannot be worn without a shoe polish. Different colours apply various types of polish. This makes them more expensive than other shoes which are sold in the shops since they do not require a lot of maintenance. Some of them are washed while others are only wiped, and they become good to go.